How many bottles in a case of champagne?

Champagne is one of the most popular and expensive alcoholic drinks in the world, but it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be. If you love it, you either have to get a bottle or a case of champagne. This topic of how many bottles in a case of champagne is our focus for anyone who is interested to know.

A standard case of wine comes with 12 bottles, but that is quite different from a champagne case as it comes with 6 bottles. If the bottles are more than 6 and add up to 12 bottles, then it is called a crate. So, you should always expect 6 bottles of wine from a case of champagne.

So, if you want to learn more about champagne, different kinds of champagne bottles, the right cups to use, and many more, you have the information on this page.

What is a case of champagne?

How many bottles in a case of champagne

A champagne case is a decorative box used to hold bottles of champagne. It is typically made out of wood and can be very ornate, with a top that opens to reveal the cork and foil-lined inside. The top of the case can also be decorated, as well as the sides of the box itself.

In this case, it is easier to move your champagne from one end to another. Also, it is best that one considers getting a case of champagne. If you have a party to celebrate and you need more than just one bottle of wine.

How many bottles in a case of champagne?

If you are getting a case of champagne, then you should expect to get 6 bottles. The average bottle of champagne contains 750 milliliters. That’s about 25% more than what you’d find in a regular bottle of wine. But keep in mind that the number of bottles per case varies depending on the size of the case.

However, on average, it should be 6 bottles, and when it is more than that, it is referred to as a crate. Also, there are different sizes of champagne bottles, and below you will get to know about each of them.

Different sizes of a champagne bottle

If you are not familiar with champagne, you will not get to know that there are different bottles for it. So, here below, we have the different sizes of the champagne bottle you should know.


The most popular size of a champagne bottle is the Piccolo. The Piccolo is a very small bottle that can hold about 187.5ml of champagne.

The Piccolo is a champagne bottle that is perfect for serving champagne in a smaller setting. It has a smaller opening than the regular champagne bottle, making it easier to pour. Also, it has a smaller capacity than the regular champagne bottle, which means you can only get one glass cup of wine.


The Demi is the perfect size for a smaller celebration or special occasion. This is a great option if you are looking for something a little fancier than your regular bottle of champagne but don’t have quite enough money to buy an entire magnum worth of bubbly.

Demi is a champagne that’s available in different sizes:

Demi Grande (or large) – 750 ml

Demi Cassé – 375 ml

Demi Petite – 250 ml

Note: For one of 375 ml, you can get three glasses from it.


The most popular size of a champagne bottle is the magnum. It’s the size that you will find most often at bars, restaurants, and shops that sell wine. This is a large bottle with a capacity of 1.5l, and you should get about 13 glasses of wine from it.


The Jeroboam is one of the most beautiful bottles in the world. It’s made out of either crystal or silver and has a beautiful design on it. It’s often used for storing champagne.

The Jeroboam has been around for hundreds of years, and it was first used in France. It was then introduced to England, but only later did it spread to other countries like Germany and Russia. The bottle holds 3l, which is about enough for about 24 glasses of champagne.


Methuselah is a champagne bottle that has been aged for a very long time. It is the oldest known champagne bottle in existence. The name Methuselah comes from the Biblical figure of Methuselah, who lived for 969 years.

The bottle holds 6l, which is about enough for about 48 glasses of champagne. It is one you can consider if you have a guest of 50 for your party.


The Salmanazar bottle is the most popular size for champagne. It’s a perfect choice for those who prefer their champagne to be a little more subtle or for those who enjoy champagne with food. It is a big bottle with a 9l capacity and can serve 72 guests with a normal wine glass cup.


Balthazar is a champagne bottle that’s been around for over 100 years. It’s the second-oldest still-existing Champagne bottle (after the Eiffel Tower), and it’s an iconic symbol of France. This bottle has a capacity of 12l which means it can serve 96 glasses of wine.


Nebuchadnezzar is a variety of champagne that was created in the early 1900s, and it has been the subject of many studies. The name Nebuchadnezzar refers to the great king who destroyed Babylon in 612 BC. This bottle is also known as “The Golden Jubilee,” and it has a 15l capacity, which will serve 120 glasses of wine.


The Solomon bottle is a unique shape that’s been around for centuries. It’s named after the famous glass blower named Solomon, who is credited with inventing this shape. This bottle is also known as a “cannon” or “merry widow” because of its shape. The bottle has an 18l capacity with 144 serving capacity for wine glasses.


The best type of glass for champagne

How many bottles in a case of champagne

The best type of glass to drink champagne from is clear glass. Why? Because it will allow you to see the bubbles rising in your glass and it allows you to see what’s going on inside the bottle. Here are some of the glasses you should consider for drinking champagne.


The flute glass is the one to use when you have champagne. It’s a special type of glass that is shaped like a wide-mouthed tumbler and has a long stem at the bottom, which holds the champagne in place. This shape helps keep the bubbles from escaping as you drink it, so you can savor all of those delightful flavors.

Coupe or Saucer

If you’re looking for the best type of glass to drink champagne from, we recommend a coupe or saucer.

The coupe glasses are thinner than normal glasses and are used for sipping and tasting. They have a long stem that makes it easy to hold them by the stem without spilling. Saucers are thicker and have a larger surface area than coupe glasses, so they’re great for serving champagne as well.

Tulip & Wide Tulip

Tulips are a great choice for champagne because their wide, bulbous shape makes them ideal for holding the bubbly without getting too watery or losing it in the glass. Plus, since they’re smaller than the average champagne flute and come in more colors than just clear, they’re sure to make a statement on your table.


If you care to know how many bottles in a case of champagne, then you are just in the right place. We have the right information on this page. If you are getting a case of champagne, then you should expect to get 6 bottles of wine.